Clothing Policy


Glenhaven Private Preschool understands the way children are dressed for care can affect them in many ways and impact on their participation throughout the day, their safety and comfort. The type of clothing children wear can also assist or inhibit their independence at routines. Educators/staff will respect children’s individual choices and facilitate any cultural practices with in safety limits.

Legislative Requirements

  • Educational and Care Services National Regulation 2011
  • Educational and Care Services National Law Act 2010
  • National Quality Standards 2011

Who is affected by this policy?

  • Children
  • Staff
  • Parents
  • Management



  • Children should be dressed in clothes which allow them to explore and play freely and not restrict them using equipment while at play
  • Clothing should also allow easy access for toileting i.e. elasticised trousers, track pants, shorts – instead of buttons, zips, belts, etc.
  • Children will be encouraged to use aprons for messy play and art experiences to protect clothing. For this reason, it is important not send the children in their best clothes.
  • Children should be appropriately protected from the sun during outdoor play- please refer to sun safety policy for details on appropriate hats and clothing.
  • Children’s clothing should accommodate weather conditions i.e. are loose and cool in summer to prevent overheating and warm enough for cold weather – including outdoor play. At all times educators/staff will monitor children to ensure they are appropriately dressed for all weather
  • Children should have appropriate footwear that enables them to play comfortably and not cause safety concerns i.e. thongs, clogs or backless shoes have a trip factor and do not allow children to use equipment safely.
  • Comfortable and non-restrictive clothing is important at sleep time to promote your child’s comfort at this time of the day.
  • The Service will maintain a collection of suitable spare clothing should it be needed
  • All clothing and belongings must be clearly labelled with the child’s name

The Approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor will ensure that this policy is maintained and implemented at all times.



The policy will be reviewed annually. Review will be conducted by management, employees, parents and any interested partiES