To meet the needs and interests of children through all areas of development in the Preschool Program. Teachers will keep current and up to date Documentation of each child in their group.

“Educators use a variety of strategies to collect, document, organise, synthesise and interpret the information that they gather to assess children’s learning. (EYLF p.17)

  • These will be available to parents on request.All children’s records will be kept confidential.
    • Teachers will also keep observational jottings on all children to assist in programming for children’s needs.
    • To fully understand each child, checklists will be kept to ensure that a child’s strengths, weaknesses and interests are catered for and incorporated into the teacher’s planning.
    • Portfolios will be developed as a method of assessment and reflection of children’s experiences and work during the year. These will include artwork, photographs, learning stories, pre-writing, pre-reading and number activities.
    • If a teacher feels a child is in need of further assessment, observation records will be noted and the Director or Supervisor informed.
    • The Director or Supervisor will discuss with the parent the records and the appropriate course of action.