Enrolment Form

Parents are required to complete an enrolment form before the child commences care at the Centre.

Click here to download our ENROLMENT FORM 2018

Under no circumstances can a child be in care at the Centre without the Centre being in possession of enrolment details. This ensures that the Centre has clear information about the child’s immunisation, allergies, doctor, family contacts.

When parents enrol their child, they will need to confirm day/s of attendance required and show evidence of immunisation status. Copies of immunisation details to be attached to the enrolment form together with any other applicable details i.e. allergy/medical references and if applicable custodial papers.

A Booking Fee is required to confirm the child’s enrolment.

Children who already attend the Centre will still need to re-enrol for the following year but will be given the first choice of day/s.

Parents will receive written confirmation of the day/s their child has been enrolled.

Parents must notify the Centre of any changes that may affect the information originally provided on the Enrolment Form e.g. change of address, telephone contacts.

A daily record of children’s attendances is maintained. Parents are required to sign the child in and out of the Centre each day.

Staff will not permit a child to leave the Centre by anyone other than the parent without receiving prior written authorisation from the parent/s. Persons unknown to the staff will be questioned on their arrival and forms checked. If that person is not listed they will be unable to collect the child and parents will be notified by telephone.

There is an authorisation section at the bottom of each daily attendance sheet which can also be completed, but the parent must also notify the staff when this occurs. In an EMERGENCY parents can contact/telephone the Centre and advise staff who will record the details and time of notification.