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What's Happening at Pre School?

February 2016

A big welcome back to all of our families from last year and a warm welcome to all of the new children who have started in our service!

This month the children have been getting to know their new educators and have begun to form some friendships with the other children. At Glenhaven Private Pre School, we recognise that learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when educators work in partnership with families. Therefore we encourage all parents to communicate with educators about their children’s short and long term goals and aims. We are excited to welcome Miss Eliza, our new Koala Educator. Miss Eliza will be working closely with the other educators and families to provide a loving, caring, safe and home like educational environment for the children.

Our Garden

We acknowledge that children are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning (EYLF LO 4.1) therefore to start our year off, the children were excited to make our new garden! Every class planted new seeds and we have been watching them grow over the month!

    Gardening 1  Gardening 2

Picking Strawberries and planting Beans!