Our Goals


  • Make them feel safe, happy and secure in a healthy and hygienic environment
  • Want them to explore, play, laugh and participate
  • Let them develop at their own pace through the five areas of development (Physical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional, and Language)
  • Help them feel free to make choices and take on new challenges
  • Help them to utilise their creative talents
  • Show them how to care for their physical and emotional selves
  • Show them how to learn to appreciate the needs of the group and of others


  • To provide a service which reflects and responds to the needs of the parents and the community.
  • To provide parents with assurance that their children are cared for by highly qualified, dedicated staff in an environment that is happy and enjoyable to the child. Entry by parents at any time is their guarantee of continuing quality of our working practices.
  • To accept and provide for the differing compositions of family units, being aware of and supportive to the stresses confronting families.
  • To create an atmosphere where parents feel relaxed and confident in the staff’s ability to provide for the needs of their children.
  • To enable the Centre and families to work together to foster the positive development of each individual child.
  • To maximise use of community resources and facilities.

The Pre-school

  • A stimulating creative environment to promote and encourage learning and discovery
  • An environment which is warm, safe, accepting and nurturing
  • An environment which is comfortable and spacious with a balance between hard and soft surfaces and with free and contained space so as to respect the children’s need for social as well as private activity


  • Be happy in their job and work together as a team to develop effective staff administration and positive staff development.
  • Use their knowledge of child development to create the optimal overall care of the children and to be aware of the importance and responsibility placed on them as models for language, attitudes and values.
  • Keep learning and developing knowledge in relation to childcare issues.
  • Maintain confidentiality with regards to issues and those concerned with the Centre.
  • Maintain loyalty to the Centre and those involved in the Centre