School Readiness Program

Preparing children for school is something that all staff at Glenhaven Private Preschool take pride in doing well. We believe that ‘preschool’ is about developing the skills and confidence necessary for a child to look forward to starting school.

School readiness, social/emotional and independence skills are strengthened through a wide range of activities designed to enhance a child’s auditory, visual and tactile senses.

Children in the year prior to starting school will be exposed to more structured forms of activities in regard to pre-writing, pre-reading, clarifying activities and simple maths.

Developmental records are kept by the staff and this information can then be used as a check list when references are requested for children entering school.

At our preschool, we consider the whole day to be part of school readiness. Children are encouraged to put bags in lockers, choose activities that are interest based, participate in the daily program, care for own belongings and socialise with peers and staff. Children become independent, confident, self sufficient and school ready.